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Coolest Air Force Emblem Cake

I made this Air Force emblem cake when my husband tested Master Sargent in the Air Force. He did not make Msgt, but others in his Shop did so we still took it for the celebration.

I had no pan, I just winged it on the shape from pictures I had of the actual stripes. I think it looks awesome! Considering I have only taken the first course in the Wilton Decorating Class!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Air Force Emblem Cake”

  1. Holy cow! You did an AWESOME job!! I was looking online for ideas (my husband just made Tech) and came across your cake. May I ask how long it took and also how you made the blue icing? I would love some pointers!!

    Thanks so much!

  2. i THINK THIS IS THE COOLEST CAKE.My husband is Air force retired and I would like to make this for his Birthday. where did you get the cake pan? I would appreciate if you could email me where I could get it and the colors you used.


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