Cute Homemade Airplane Birthday Cake

I used a turkey roasting pan, little larger than a 9×13 in pan and deeper. Filled pan with 2 boxes of white cake mix made to manufacturers recipe to make this Airplane Birthday Cake.

Cut cake in half lengthwise, one side wider than the other. Left the wider length for the body of plane. The slimmer side was sliced in half creating a rectangle and square, both of which are sliced diagonally.

Rectangle diagonals become wings. Square diagonals become tail. Rice krispie treat was used for standing tail. I also used a rice crispie treat for cockpit for some height.

Made 3 batches of buttercream icing and used Wilton Star tip. Small portion colored black for windshield and small portion for blue.

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  1. Thanks for posting, allbeit super minimalistic, instructions. I’ve been flipping through here just hoping for some instruction to get me on my way. My brain is not wanting to wrap around this plane concept. Your simple instructions help get me going, thanks so much. :)

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