Coolest Flying Airplane Birthday Cake

This Airplane Birthday Cake was for my husband’s, a pilot, birthday. The base was two 9×13 layers of chocolate cake, filled with vanilla butter cream and maraschino cherries. The entire cake was covered in homemade blue marshmallow fondant, with clouds cut out of white fondant.

I built a frame for the airplane out of thin wood using a skill saw and a hot glue gun. I molded rice krispy buttercream, and covered it with strips of fondant. I used the blunt end of a skewer to push the fondant strips into place, and this made it look like rivets along the seams. Then I used food coloring and glitter dust to paint the stripes and window. I attached this to a plastic dowel and anchored it in the base cake with a screw from the bottom.

The propellers were cut out of silver paperboard, attached with toothpicks (so they would spin!) and covered with fondant nose cones painted silver with glitter dust.

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