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Coolest Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

This Alabama Crimson Tide cake was for my husband who is a die-hard Alabama fan. I traced the big Al logo (mirror image print) with butter cream icing. I used a small writing tip for most of the transfer since it is pretty detailed.

The crimson icing was the hardest to color but just remember the icing gets a deeper darker color as it sits and crusts over. I then froze the design and then transferred onto the cake. The cake was red velvet and white marbled which gave a nice crimson and white surprise with left over gray icing in the middle. I admit the cake would have looked better if big Al would have been centered in the cake but our children insisted the cake had to say Happy Birthday Daddy.

I also wish I would have went a little smaller with the design. This was a pretty time consuming cake so it would not be a very good last minute idea. But was really fun and everyone has loved the cake and commented on how good the logo looked. I also wished the roll tide on the side would have came out a little better.

Hope this inspires great team ideas for you. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Alabama Crimson Tide Cake”

  1. I could not have imagined a better birthday cake for a hard core Alabama fan. The logo is flawless and the overall design is beautiful. I think the little touch from the children along with Big Al made the cake a winner. Of course, being the Daddy in which this cake was made, I must admit that I mat be a little biased.:) I love you Kim, CarieAnn, Alexia and my little Jayden. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.

    I love you,


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