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Coolest All Star Birthday Cake

I made this All Star Birthday Cake for my twin nephew’s birthday. I wanted to make them a cake that wasn’t just a basketball or football.

I drew and cut out each ball separately on a sheet of paper. I placed them in the pan that I was going to bake the cake in. After I choose how I wanted to arrange them I taped the shapes together.

I took that image and traced it on card board and cut in out. I baked 2 very large sheet cakes.

After they cooled, layer them with frosting in between them. I then placed the card board cut out on the cake and used it to cut the shape of the cake.

I used a lot time decorating it. I just decided to free style it. I used a star burst tip frosting bag form the football and basketball.

I used black licorice for the soccer ball lines; I cut them in half and then cut to the size and shape I needed.

I decided to use red sprinkles for the lines on the baseball. Finally, I just used cake decorating candy letters for the script. I just wanted to mention that my cake decorating was inspired my deceased Grandmother Arlene Cherek; I always wanted to be like her.

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