My son wanted a cake from the movie Toy Story that included “all the characters”! This Andy’s Bed from Toy Story Cake is what I came up with. The head board and foot board are made from 3 packs of Little Debbie Nutty Bars. I cut one in half and used frosting to stick both little pieces across between two whole ones to make each end.

The cake is a chocolate cake made in a loaf pan. I used some of the extra batter to make a square cake and cut that to make the platform that the bed rests on so that it would be elevated! Just cut it to about an inch smaller all the way around than the loaf cake turns out. I used the square cake to also cut out a pillow and froze it before I iced it so I wouldn’t have crumbs everywhere! a great tip I picked up on this site.

I iced the entire loaf in white icing then froze it too! When the icing was set, I used blue icing to make the blanket, leaving some white at the top under the pillow to look like sheets. Yellow icing and a star tip made the print on the blanket. I bought 2 sets of Toy Story characters from Wal-mart and placed them around and on the bed, and VOILA, looks just like Andy’s bed!

(a tip for new cake bakers.. homemade icing tastes better, is MUCH easier to work with than store bought, super easy to make and a whole lot cheaper too!

1 cup of shortening or butter, use shortening if you need it to be a crisp white!,

1/2 tsp of vanilla flavoring, although any flavor works well

2 1/4 cups sifted powered sugar (works well not sifted too but the frosting is thicker and not as smooth!)

1/4 c. milk (more or less to make it the consistency you like).