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Coolest Angelina Ballerina Birthday Cake

My daughter turned 4 and wanted an Angelina Ballerina Birthday Cake for her party. I wanted to do a Tinkerbell doll cake, but she didn’t want a bar of it! So i thought OK, tried everywhere to look for a figurine, or candle but found nothing. I was happy to do a simple base.

So I Googled and found shapes of her, so I drew Angelina on baking paper, baked a butter cake in a rectangle tin, waited to cool cake down and then I cut the shape of her. Then I mixed two different butter icings, a pink and a white, drew with pink icing on the cake her dress and ballerina shoes, and put pink on her shoes and dress and her bow, then the rest of her is white!

Then went over with the pink writing icing over her dress, bow and shoes and her face etc. It was quite simple. I also cut a pink ribbon, and made a bow and put it on her bow.

Everyone loved it, my daughter loved it so much and wanted another one done on her actual birthday day! It wasn’t too hard to do, considering it was my 1st time making a shaped cake. I have more confidence now to do more cakes for future.

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