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Coolest 3D Angry Birds Characters Birthday Cake

I was all set to make my soon-to-be 9 year old a Spongebob cake when we went to pick out his balloons for the party. He told me “Spongebob is for babies”.  Oh boy, better think of something else, and fast!  Video games! Angry birds!  Surprise!

It was much easier to make than I thought.  I used a mold for a soccer ball for both cakes and place it on a 9×13 sheet cake. I made my own marshmallow fondant (so much cheaper than buying it and better tasting, too). I formed the facial details and comb out of fondant and attached everything with toothpicks. I painted the bird and piggie with edible paint.

It was a huge hit!  He was surprised as was everyone else!  The realism, the “how did you do it?”, the “is that ALL cake?” And to top it off, half of the red angry bird fell on the floor fulfilling his Angry Bird destiny!


Coolest Angry Birds Birthday Cake