Round Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Last spring my son turned 5 and my daughter turned 3. We wanted to celebrate their birthday together. He wanted ‘boy’s cake’, so she wanted something pink, just for fun.  So we had to find a creative solution. That’s my wife responsibility, she thought for a few minutes, then came with the Angry Bird idea. Both of the kids were wildly happy. They succeeded to decide which specific bird they want, and my wife decided it going to be white (no food colors for her).

So, the cake. I baked two cakes (I rather use an orange cake for that, because it is very easy to work with), one regular square cake- for parts, and one bowl cake- for the bird’s body. The beak, tail and all other parts were cut off from the square cake, and were coated with cream. (I used whipped cream for the body, and whipped cream with cocoa powder for other parts, I had to use red food coloring. I chose natural one, anyway, don’t tell my wife).

The bird was covered with cream. Then I fixed every thing together, the eyes were made of yellow candy’s and the eyebrows from liquorice  (I had to promise not to make anyone really eat that).  The crest was coated with cocoa powder, so is not recommended for actual eating and that’s all!  Both my kids were happy and cute. This year they will be 6 and 4. He wants a knight, so she wants a princess.

Coolest Angry Birds Birthday Cake