Coolest Fondant Angry Birds Cake

This Angry Birds cake was made for a family friend. It was a vanilla and chocolate cake covered in fondant. The Angry Birds, rocks and beaks on the cupcakes were also made from fondant. The eyes I bought from a Party City store and were edible. The logs were made out of a kit kat bar and twix, which I had to cut off all the chocolate and caramel.

The sling shot was made out of rice crispy treats, the rope was a twizzler which I had cut into very thin strips then dipped in chocolate. This friend of mine was expecting me to only draw (with icing of course) the red Angry Bird on a cake but it sounded boring so I surprised them with this.

Everyone loved it! They kids went crazy for it and towards the end of the party people were ready to leave but just had to stay for cake. The only problem I had with this cake was the sling shot kept tilting over because the top was too heavy. I had to use tooth picks to hold them up. I think next time I may use rice crispy in white chocolate so it holds it shape better.

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