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Cool Homemade Two-Tiered Angry Birds Cake

This Angry Birds Cake was for the birthday party of a seven year old girl. When she said she wanted an Angry Birds cake, I had to do some research and start playing.

The bottom layer is two 10” cakes stacked, and the top layer is two 6” cakes stacked. Both are covered in blue fondant (all of the fondant is marshmallow fondant). I used the white fondant clouds to cover up any imperfect lines on the bottom of the 6” cake.

I tried to make the cake look like a scene from the game. There are two groupings of wood blocks and two groupings of stone blocks. In this picture, you can see one of the wood groupings in the front, and a little bit of one of the stone groupings on the left. Each grouping has a pig. The pigs are mint-green fondant; I used a round cookie cutter for the head and then rolled small pieces of the mint-green fondant to make the nose and ears. I then rolled smaller pieces of black and white fondant to make the nostrils and eyes and ears.

The blocks of wood are brown fondant; I lightly rolled a pizza cutter up and down the “boards” to make the wood grain. The stones (you can barely see these on the left-hand side of the bottom cake) are gray fondant. After cutting the “stones” into squares and rectangles, I softened the edges a bit to make them look more like stone blocks. The grass at the bottom is green buttercream icing which I used to add a bit more color and also to cover up any imperfections on the bottom of the 10” cake.

My favorite part of the cake is the Angry Birds on the top. They are all made out of fondant. The red, black and blue birds are all basically round balls; the white bird is an egg shape, and the yellow bird is a triangle/pyramid shape. After letting the main bodies of the birds dry for a couple of days, I then added the details–beaks, eyes, and feathers. I had made a fondant slingshot to go in the middle of the birds, but it was too heavy and I didn’t think it would make it through the party so I opted to leave it off.

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  1. i love this cake.I want onw just like this for my b-day.This cake is awesome.the person who made this cake is awesome.

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