I made this Angry Birds cake for my grandson and nephew, they both turned 6. I made it with boxed cakes, one chocolate and one white. I put one layer of white on the bottom and a layer of chocolate on the top. That way everyone got both flavors.

I traced the birds with black food coloring on a piece of white paper. Then I frosted the cakes with white butter cream frosting. I then layed the bird stencils on the cakes to transfer the images, and filled them in with colored frosting using a very small spatula. For the eyes and beaks I used a small paint brush and Wilton’s food gel.

The cakes were a big hit at their birthday party. I found out after the cake had been eaten that my grandson Timmy really liked the black Angry Bird, and my nephew Kaden liked the red one. I guess the next time I make them their cakes I had better listen more  carefully to what they really like. They really thought the cakes were the coolest.