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Coolest Animal Print Cake

This animal print cake was made for a customer whose daughter was turning 21. She’s a model and is apparently really into animal print.

First, I worked on the gum paste bow since it needs a few days to dry. I tinted some gum paste with a very small amount of Wilton brown icing color and rolled it out about 1/16 in thick. I then cut 20 strips, 1″x7″. All but 2 were folded over into the bow shape (I actually only used 14, but it’s best to have a few extras just in case!). The other 2 were laid out flat on a box with about 2 inches hanging off the edge.

For the cake, I baked 2 8″ cakes for the top tier and 2 12″ cakes for the bottom. Each was iced and covered in homemade white fondant. I then tinted some fondant in Wilton black to make the “base” flowers. I used a fondant cutter and had to press the black flowers out a little bit so they would stick out behind the top flowers. For the zebra print flowers, I cut out white fondant flowers and hand painted the stripes using black icing color. For the leopard print, I tinted some fondant with some Wilton brown color, again a very small amount.

I then cut out the flowers and used the brown color thinned down with clear vanilla extract to make the spots. Then I went around them with black color. I used the same technique to make the spots on the bow. I piped a black shell border using tip #18 and piped the black lettering with tip #4. When I delivered it, the mom was ecstatic and even ran up and gave me a big hug!

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