Cool Homemade Aquarium Birthday Cake

I baked 3- 9×12 cakes and stacked them on a wrapped board with buttercream icing between each layer. The cake stand was a wine rack that I turned upside down.

I iced the Aquarium Birthday Cake in buttercream icing and cut out black fondant strips to make the frame for the aquarium. I air brushed the whole cake blue and I used candy melts to make the coral,fish and the no fishing sign. I made seaweed out of green buttercream and a leaf tip.

I found the big fish to go on top at a local thrift store and added some candy melt fish in his mouth. The starfish and #10 were also made from candy melts. I purchased fold out fish and hung them from the aquarium stand.

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Aquarium Birthday Cake”

  1. How many people did this cake serve? I was planning to make 6 12×9 cakes to serve about 180 people. Do you think that will be enough?

    Where did you get the paper fold out fish from? Thanks for the advice in advance!

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