Coolest Ariel Birthday Cake

This Ariel Birthday Cake was for a four year old girl’s birthday. The Ariel doll was purchased especially for this cake. I made up 9 1/2 cups of pound cake batter and baked three 8 inch round pans and the rest in a 10 inch Pyrex bowl. Because of the height of the doll, another layer would have helped. I used a 2inch biscuit cutter to make the holes in the cakes for the doll.

I iced the cake using McCalls’ buttercream icing which I tinted using professional gel colours. I matched the two purples to Ariel’s costume and the green was an accent.

After layering all four layers together I took a serrated knife and shaved off pieces so the skirt flowed evenly. This really helped to get a smooth look. Because I had to manipulate the layers, I do recommend a sturdy cake like pound or sponge.

Then, I crumb coated in pale purple. Back into the freezer to harden up. When it came out, another layer of buttercream went on and I smoothed it using a flexible plastic cutting board to remove ridges from the offset palette knife. I wrapped Ariel in Saran Wrap and inserted her in the hole. Because she has long hair, I pinned it up to keep it clean and out of the way and I put her arms straight up to help ease the decorating. After the cake was complete I removed the elastic from her hair and put down her arms.

Then I did the two layers at the bottom border with two different sizes of star tips, the ruffle was tip 104, and I used tip 03 to add string work and small accents. The green shell lacy border was with a star tip and I added shells over the doll’s midsection. She does live in the sea after all. The cake didn’t quite come up high enough on the doll, so I filled in with more buttercream.

This is the first time I have made a cake of this design. It is all my own design, and I must admit it was a hit. Guests thought that I had bought it!