Sweet Homemade Ariel Birthday Cake

This Ariel Birthday Cake is my very first cake that I had made for my Granddaughter Sydney. I was a little nervous that it may not come out right, but I loved the end result. This very web-site gave me the ideas.

I used a bowl to bake the mount that Ariel is sitting on. The side mounts were made with cupcakes. I then covered the mounts with white icing. For the sand, I crumbled wafer cookies and distributed the crumbs evenly over the icing. Around the mounts I placed blue colored icing for the water and populated it with multi-color fish and some of Ariel’s other characters.

For Ariel, I wrapped her in green fruit sticks and green glitter. Her fins were made out of green and blue M&M. My granddaughter’s party was at a pizza place and as I brought in the cake, people were asking me where I had bought this cake. I loved it.