Coolest Arielle Cake

I made this Arielle cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. She was turning 3 and she LOVED Arielle.

I started by making 2 9 inch round vanilla cakes and filled them with vanilla pudding. All vanilla was the birthday girls favorite. I iced the cakes in vanilla butter cream and then airbrushed the cakes blue and purple. I made the coral by hand piping the chocolate to look like coral onto waxed paper. I then put it in the fridge so the chocolate could set up.

I piped some “seaweed” with a leaf tip, added some sugar characters around the cake and on top. I even added little white dots by the fish to look like air bubbles. I placed Arielle and the chocolate Happy Birthday on the cake and piped a shell border around the top and bottom edge of the cake. I placed the “coral” around the sides and stuck some on top behind Arielle. This was one of my favorite cakes to make and had a lot of fun with it.

The birthday girl absolutely loved her cake and it received many compliments. The little girl enjoyed her cake so much that she walked around with a picture of it for days afterwards.

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