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Coolest Aristocat Marie Cake

My 4 year old daughter loves the Aristocat movie and Marie is her favorite Aristocat. For her 4th birthday we had a party themed after Marie and the Aristocats. I made the homemade Aristocat Marie cake and a Pin the Tail on Marie game for her party. We also made headband cat ears for the kids to wear (in place of party hats) and had all the supplies for kids to make their own Marie puppets out of white lunch bags!

In order to make the cake I prepared 4 rounds of yellow cake and froze them (it’s easier to cut and frost frozen cakes). Two of the rounds I used as the head and body (those stayed round). The other 2 rounds I use to cut out the ears, tail, foot and hair tuft. I found a picture on the Disney website to use as a model. The ears were cut as basic triangles, the tail a crescent moon shape and the foot I shaped similar to a golf club. The tuft of hair I cut like the shape of an eye. I used toothpicks to “pin” all the cake pieces together.

Before frosting the cake I slipped a large pink bow under her neckline. Next I slipped strips of wax paper under the edges of the cake and on top of the bow (to prevent the bow and board from being covered with frosting). Next I frosted the entire cake in white. I used pink accent frosting to do the nose and ears and blue for her eyes.

At this point my husband (again following the pattern of the picture I found on the Disney website) drew in the black lines for her whiskers, ears, eyes, feet, etc. He first “sketched” these lines using a toothpick. To create the tuft of hair and tail, I used a little coconut.

I then wrapped another piece of pink ribbon around her neck (it will stick in the frosting) to make the bow look like it is actually tied around her neck and a little bow on the tuft of hair. Finally I carefully slid the wax paper out from under the homemade Aristocat Marie cake.

My daughter was so happy when she saw her Marie cake it really made her day. I got the idea from this website (the Toulouse Cake) so I decided to share our cake in hopes of making another kid’s birthday a big hit!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Aristocat Marie Cake”

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to have my daughters first birthday this year, and was wondering where you bought the party supplies with Marie on them. I’ve looked everywhere, and cant find a thing. :(

  2. Sorry I am just seeing your post now – I couldn’t find Marie/Aristocat party supplies either. In place of that we drew a large “pin the tail on Marie” by projecting a picture of her from the internet. The puppets were just paper bag cat puppets that the kids made and they also made paper headband ears. Good luck, if her birthday hasn’t already gone by.


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