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Coolest Aristocats Toulouse Cake

I made this Aristocats Toulouse Cake for my daughter’s second birthday because she loves the Aristocats! I got the basic idea for this cake from this site and used the Betty Crocker black cat cake for the cutting template.

I baked two 9-inch round cakes and cut the tops off to level them. Then I cut out all of the pieces and froze them for about an hour. I used the tops I cut off of the cakes to build up the face and legs. I then frosted all of the pieces together with the main orange color (not caring if it was messy) and frosted all of the parts that were different colors.

Next, I used a star tip to do the fur on the cake. I drew everything with black icing and added a ribbon bow for the final touch!

I also baked cupcakes for the guests at the party and set them on the table in the shape of a 2 with a #2 candle in the middle cupcake.

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  1. I used your cake to help me create a Marie cake for my daughter! She absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for posting your cake. In return I posted ours – in hopes of helping somebody else.


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