Coolest Army Helmet Cake

I made this army helmet cake for the home coming of my brother from overseas. I wanted to make him proud the way he has made my family and I proud. Now you would have to meet my brother to know that he is all military. The monotone voice with the solid emotionless face. Everyone was sitting outside eating having a good time when I brought the cake out. Everyone went quiet, looked and smiled. I turned to my big brother and saw a half smirk and then heard , “Good job on the a cake”. He may not have shown it but he really loved the cake and everyone else as well, and it was so delicious.

I decorated it with a fondant I made with marshmallows  The bottom has fitted blue fondant with cut out white stars as part of the flag. in the back I finished the flag with red and white striped fondant draped loosely. I then put the cake helmet on top , covered it with a military green fondant with the cut out star and label. I finished the helmet look with an airbrush finish. Then I used some piping to pipe in  bead chain with tags.

I really loved making this cake, it was so simple but meant so much.

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