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Coolest Homemade Carved Army Tank Birthday Cake

Want a slice of cake?! This Army Tank Birthday Cake was created by 2- 9″x13″ Pillsbury Yellow sheet cakes and 1- 6″ round cake. It was assembled using good ol’ Crisco and 10x sugar based icing. Wilton’s brown and green gel food coloring was used to create the sand, medium brown, and army green colors.

The entire cake was iced in the sand color prior to camouflaging with brown and green. Found it easiest to use a bag and large tip to ice the lower portion and corners of the cake. A “star” tip and green icing created the tracks. Oreos were ideal for the job of creating wheels. A Piroutte (cookie) resembled the cannon.

Because this icing dries quickly, work had to be done rapidly. Assembly and icing of the cake took less than an hour (however, all instruments and icing was ready for use prior to the assembly. Makes it much easier).

“Gunny’s Command” was a real success with the boys (my husband included).

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