Easy Homemade Army Tank Cake for a Birthday Party

For the base of the Army Tank Birthday Cake, I used a standard 13 x 9 rectangle pan with just regular cake mix. The top part where the gun sticks out is a meatloaf sized pan. After cooling, put the smaller cake on top of the larger one. Frosted both together using chocolate frosting and then used the spray type of frosting decoration found at most grocery stores and/or craft stores like Michaels, in green and black to make it look like camouflage.

The tank “wheels” are oreo’s split in half and the tank “treads” were dark licorice pieces cut to fit. I then crushed the remaining Oreo’s not used for the wheels & sprinkled the oreo crumbs around to look like dirt. The tank gun was actually a part from my son’s plastic toy tanks, which is naturally not edible but everything else was. Added a couple of plastic army guys for decoration.