I made this army tank cake for my grandson’s 11th birthday. I am self-taught and read a lot about the various techniques on-line. I mix a common fondant recipe with a rolled butter cream recipe which gives a better tasting icing.

The cake itself was made by mixing chocolate fudge cake mix with brownie mix. This makes for a rich and dense cake that is easy to sculpt. I sculpted the soldiers out of gum-paste and covered a rolled cream-filled wafer with fondant to make the canon. The wheels were impressed into the fondant with circular shapes found around the house, then painted with food coloring.

I applied cake decorating dusts with a soft brush and my finger tips to create a dirty look on the tank. The ground was covered with chocolate icing and I put some chocolate chips through the food processor to create the dirt and gravel effect.

This cake was a hit with the birthday boy and his friends.