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Easy Homemade Army Tank Cake with U.S. Flag

This army tank cake is made by assembling a rectangle base of cake and a smaller rectangle for the top. I made two 9 x 13 cakes and used about 1.25 cakes in total for the tanker. We added small scraps of cake at the front of the cake on either side of the gun.

My son came up the idea of crushing chocolate stars (kisses would work too) for the dirt on the ground around the tank. We lightly frosted the base with frosting then sprinkled the chocolate dirt on top. The gun is a pretzel rod. We used Oreo cookies as the tanker wheels. Black licorice was pasted atop of the Oreo cookies with left over frosting.

The flag and US ARMY signs came from the internet. I taped the flag to a toothpick. We used two full tubs of white frosting which we colored with basic food coloring. Toy soldiers and airplanes were added at the end.

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