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Coolest Arthur Birthday Cake

My son asked for an Arthur Birthday Cake this year which I thought I couldn’t do. He said, “Mom, it’s just an oval with ears.” In a way, he was right.

I got a coloring sheet online of his face and enlarged it to fit my Pampered Chef large bar pan. I made 2 bar pan cakes. I put CHOCOLATE frosting between the 2 layers (Put some aside to make the brown eyeglasses). Then I took the coloring sheet and traced the image onto parchment paper and cut that out. I took the parchment image and laid it out and cut it with a serrated knife.

Parchment aside, I frosted the shape with Peanut Butter Frosting (I would freeze the cake a little first next time as it was a little hard to get the frosting on the sides with the cake crumbing up.) Yes, I had chocolate frosting in the middle and PB Frosting on top, like a frosting PB cup!

After the cake was covered in frosting, I cut the parchment Arthur apart. I cut out the glasses, including cutting out the lenses. I laid that and the other pieces on top of the cake and traced them with a toothpick. I “colored” in the rest of the cake with the chocolate, white, pink, and black icing. Thanks for looking!

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  1. This looks amazing, and I think I can do it, too! I will be attempting this for my son in a few weeks! Thank you for posting.


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