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Cool Homemade Arthur Birthday Cake

I made this Arthur birthday cake for my son’s 6th birthday. It is chocolate cake – a 2-layer round, and 2 cupcakes for the ears. I sliced off the edges of the round cake, and added one of the cut-off pieces onto his chin to make it longer.  The light brown frosting was achieved by using mostly white frosting mixed with a tiny bit of chocolate frosting, and a few drops of yellow and red food coloring to achieve the orangey-brown.

The pink for the mouth and ears was made with white frosting, a little chocolate frosting, and red food coloring.  I piped the glasses, nose, mouth, and around the ears with a small round tip and filled in with red and white frosting as needed.  Then, at my son’s request, I spread some white frosting on the pan for the speech bubble, and piped the words and outlining on the frosting, again with the small round tip.

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