Coolest Artist Palette Birthday Cake

After finishing just one cake in my first cake decorating class, my grandma asked me to make her a birthday cake for her 75th, not knowing that we were throwing her a surprise party. I decided to try making an Artist Palette Birthday Cake, as I thought it would not be too difficult to do with my beginner skills.

I frosted a 10″ cake in light brown icing, then used a large round tip and dark brown icing to pipe the shape of the palette. I then filled in the small circle and covered the rest of the cake with small white stars, and made a simple white shell border around the bottom. I made several bright colors of icing and piped them on with the large round tip to create the paint colors.

My husband suggested that we use a basting brush to create brush strokes in some of the colors, and even mix two together to make the cake look more interesting. We then placed a yellow paintbrush across the cake to finish it off. My grandma loved her cake, and so did all of her “art” friends!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Artist Palette Birthday Cake”

  1. You’re a celebrity now!! I’m so proud of you. Your cake was the hit of the party. Everyone raved about it. Aaron’s contribution was inspired. Way to go!

  2. Paula, wonderful job on the artist’s cake. I have taken cake decorating and know the ups and downs of it! YOu did a GREAT JOB ! ! !CONGRATULATIONS! Helen Hope

  3. Paula is amazing. She sets out to accomplish something and does it beautifully. She put her heart into and did a great job. She made her Grandmother so proud of her


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