Coolest Austin Mini Cake

I took cake decorating classes from June to November of last year and always challenging myself to taking cake decorating to the next level–something you can’t just go to the bakery store or supermarket and pull off the shelf.

So in early March it was my father in law’s birthday and he loves cars. My inspiration was to make his Austin Mini Cooper car into a cake–an ultra mini version. I looked through the Internet for instructional videos on how to make a car cake. I found a very detailed video that really helped me.

I baked one funfetti cake mix in a 9″x13″ pan and cut it in half lengthwise. Then wrapped them in plastic wrap and and froze them overnight. The next day they were layered and filled with vanilla Swiss meringue butter cream frosting, carved to the shape that I wanted, crumb coated and back in the fridge to chill for a few hours.

Red fondant was rolled out and covered the cake, black fondant was rolled out and small pieces were placed directly on the car and cut out for the windows, gray for the front grill and white for the roof. The bumpers and license plate are made of gum paste which I made ahead of time to dry and paint the bumpers with silver luster dust.

My father in law was very happy with the cake. He gave it a thorough inspection and was surprised when he saw his license plate. Everyone was taking videos with their phone, pictures with their camera. It was just too funny! Then my father in law didn’t want to cut the cake. Eventually he did and enjoyed the cake very much.

I think this was my greatest challenge and one day I plan to make a dually truck.

Coolest Austin Mini Cake