Coolest Auto Mechanic Birthday Cake

My son is an auto mechanic and just recently landed his own repair shop. For his birthday I made this dual purpose Auto Mechanic Birthday Cake for him.

The car is made from a 9X13″ cake pan. Cut the cake 1/3 across (lengthwise). Then cut that 1/3 section in half. The big section is the base of the car and the other two pieces are secured together making the top of the car. (You can place the top pieces anywhere so you can make trucks or different car or truck models with this cut).

I used a boxed Red Velvet cake (my son’s favorite). After I cut it and decided where to put the top two pieces on and secured with buttercream frosting. I then cut the angles from the front and back of the top. I “perched” the car on a slanted piece of cardboard covered in foil with icing. Then I put it on a Styrofoam block to get the lift. Ice the cake with buttercream frosting. I used gray fondant for the windows and applied them first. Then I covered the car with red fondant, cut out where the windows were. I then used a red glitter icing to get the “Candy Apple Red” effect. (It does have the glitter but it doesn’t show up well in photo).

The tires are Reeces cups covered in black fondant and attached with toothpicks. The car jack, wrench, crowbar and mans (or woman’s) jeans, shoes and hand are all fondant. The greeting is in blue glitter icing.

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  1. With a mechanic in our family too, I really warmed to your idea. But the detail is incredible. I hope your son was thrilled. He has one clever mum.


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