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Coolest Baby Basket Cake

I made this Baby Basket Cake for my friend’s baby boy’s Christening. I started with 2 12″ rectangle sponge cakes made from fresh ingredients (no packet mixes). I also baked 3 8″ round cakes, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, and 1 chocolate. I laid the 2 rectangle cakes on top of each other with vanilla butter cream and homemade strawberry jam then cut and shaped.

The 3 round cakes were done in the same way then cut to shape. I wrapped brown chocolate flavored fondant icing round the bottom of the basket and scored a weave pattern into it. I then made the patchwork blanket from blue and white fondant icing. Then platted some brown fondant icing and put round the edge.

I then covered the back of the canopy and draped a large piece of white icing over the back of the canopy. I then cut out shapes to resemble lace and frills to edge the cake.

The Me To You bear on the side was modeled from fondant icing then a nappy made from icing was wrapped round. The bear’s fur was then picked with a tooth pick to resemble fur and the baby’s name and date of birth was carved into the back of the bear to keep as a keep sake.

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  1. I was looking for a cute baby shower cake for my first baby shower but I was wondering if you could make a cake with Winnie the pooh on it shaped as a baby bed because my baby theme is Winnie the pooh. If you can plz comment me back, thanks I’ve been looking everywhere to get a cake made as Winnie the pooh. If you can I will really appreciate, thanks.


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