Coolest Polka Dot Baby Belly Cake

This Baby Belly Cake was my first attempt at making a belly cake for a friend’s baby shower. I used a medium sized stainless steel mixing bowl for the belly and Wilton’s ball mold for the boobs. I covered the whole cake in buttercream frosting and placed the fondant on top and let it fall naturally.

I then decorated with the polka dots and brown ribbon. I also colored the actual cake blue because my friend is having a boy!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Polka Dot Baby Belly Cake”

  1. I was wondering… all the stainless steel bowls I have, have a flattened bottom… How did you work around this?

  2. Hello ,
    i wanted to know how much Cake mix did u use for the stainless steel Bowl , and also what was the tempriture of the oven when u baked the Cake , because i am unsure how much Cake mix i may need i have bought 3 Boxes of Cake mix , do u think i need more …..

    and how will i Get the Belly to rise a little higher

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