Sweet Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

This is the baby block cake I do whenever asked to do a baby shower cake. It’s an idea from the Wilton website years ago. There are four, 4 inch, two layer cakes. I usually do each of the 4 cakes a different flavor. It feeds about 50 people.

I use a 18X20 in cake board covered in colored foil. Each side of the cake is a different color with each side having a star tip 18 border. I use little baby decorations from the cake supply store. The cake on top is on a cardboard base with wooden dowel rods stuff in the two supporting cakes on the bottom in order to have stability. If transporting don’t put the top layer on until you get there and then put the bottom layer of border on as well.

The letters on front are made using a small alphabet cookie cutter and filled in using star tip 16. Have fun. This one is labor intensive, but a lot of fun to make and is very impressive to guests!!

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake