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Coolest Baby Bump Cake

This is the cake that started it all. I was put in charge of my niece’s baby shower cake in 2011. I searched in our town for a person that could make a cake like I wanted. No one could. I decided to teach myself about fondant and jumped into the awesome cake baking world. I took art in high school and collage so I felt comfortable in some areas as far as creativeness.

I made two 10in circle cakes and created my own butter cream icing. I sculpted rice crispy treats for the bottom and put fondant on top to make it look like a diaper. I then made the legs and feet out of fondant in flesh color. I let that set overnight to harden. I used tooth picks to attach legs to bottom for extra support.  I used a little bit of water to attach the feet to legs and the toes to the feet. Once everything was put together it was time to deliver.

The best part was walking in to see everyone’s facial expression. They loved it and commented on how it looked real. I then showed friends my cake and they wanted to see if I could make theirs also. I love challenge so I said of course. I started with making just a few here and there but now I have at least 3 a week. I also have a full time job plus a 9 mth old, 5 yr old and 15 yr old stepson. I have hopes of one day opening up a bakery in town. We really really need one.

I love creating memories for everyone. It is a blessing to be able to be apart of special moments. Someone once told me that  “no one will remember who all the guest were or who brought what gift..but they will always remember the cake”!