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Easy Homemade Pink Baby Bump Cake

First I baked three half sheets of cake. The first two were for the bottom layers of the cake. The last half sheet was then cut in half. One of the halves was use for the bellie of the cake (I cut the cake with floss so I could then put in strawberry mousse filling in the cake). The other half of the half sheet was cut into circles for the boobs of the cake.

The two bottom half sheet were filled with strawberry mousse. I then frosted the two layered half sheets and then put in the dowels to support the bellie and the boob cakes. Once I put on the bellie and boobs I then put on a crumb layer.

I made marshmallow fondant to cover the cake. Once the cake was covered with the pink fondant I colored some fondant brown to make the bow and and ribbon on the cake. I colored some of the pink fondant a little darker to make the flowers once the flowers were put on I used browning frosting to make the dots in the middle of the flowers.

The cake was a great hit at the baby shower.

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