For a friend’s baby shower, I decided to make this baby bump cake. I got the idea from this website and had fun with it.

I used 2-8in. round cake pans and sculpted the belly. I used 2 cupcakes for the boobs. The cake is Fudge Chocolate with Fudge Chocolate filling and whipped vanilla frosting. After icing it and having it cool in the freezer, I draped rolled out fondant over it. Created a bow. Smoothed it all out and started to paint.

It was a lot of fun. You can’t mess up camo! I used paint brushes and them smudged it with my fingers. Made a mess, but well worth it. I did learn a valuable lesson. Always. ALWAYS paint fondant -before- you drape it over the cake. I forgot this time, which made things difficult. She’s having a boy and her boyfriend is currently in the military. I tried to make it classy and still stick to the Camo theme of the party.