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Cool Homemade Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake

I made this Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I used this site for inspiration. For the body of the cake I used box cake, chocolate and white (I was not sure which she would eat). I mixed the cake mix as directed on the box. Then baked in a glass bowl, I did cook it on a lower temp.

Then came the fun part, for each of the colors I used Wilton’s icing colors and I used a big batch of Wilton’s icing. Then using a 16 tip I iced the cakes.

For his antennas I used bulk candy rounds from the local grocery store. I used straws and stuck the candy in the straw to make them stand up. I used the same candy for his cheeks. For his eyes, I used black gel with a dab of white icing. His mouth is also black gel. His feet are vanilla wafer cooking with yellow icing. I used the whole cookie but stuck half of it under the cake.

We put the cake on a piece of wood covered in red wrapping paper and plastic wrap.

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