Cute Homemade Baby Einstein Cake

This Baby Einstein cake was done for my sons 1st birthday! I used the Wilton ball pans for the circles. I used Wilton icing with a star tip for decorating the cake. I had to use sugar free on the end for a certain guest so it didn’t turn out but it ended up working out in the end as I was able to put his name on it.

I used a black piece of card board stock to hold the cake I cut out pieces of foil to put under each circle (because I wasn’t sure if the black on the cardboard would bleed). I used licorice for the top of the head. I used yellow cake mix.

I was really proud of how this cake turned out everybody loved it. Its actually not as big as you would think either. I had about 20 people at the party including adults and I really didn’t have cake left over.

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