Cool Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Half-Sheet Cake

This Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake was such fun to make! This was a half sheet cake, white and devils food cake. I used a royal icing for the entire cake. I used the mini ball pan for the ladybug and caterpillar. I cut off about 1/4 of the ball to help it look better on the cake.

To frost them I used the triple star tip and for the grass I used tip 233. I used a soft blue for the a sky and made all the other colors very vibrant. For the sun and clouds I just used different sizes of the rounds tips. The sun was made up of 5 different colors and I added the clouds on the other side to even out the visual of the cake.

Everyone loved it, especially our 2 year old daughter!

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  1. Hi just wanted to say it turned out really great. Lots of little detail which i don’t think i could of done. great job.

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