Cool Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake with Caterpillar Smash Cake

These Baby Einstein Caterpillar cakes were done for my boss’s son Hunter, for his 1st birthday in 2008. His party was the Baby Einstein theme.

I used the 3-D Wilton ball pan for the larger cake and the Wilton mini ball pan for the smaller cake (smash cake). The pattern was made using the #16 star tip. I have done quite a few cakes since taking the Wilton cake decorating classes about four years ago but, this one was the most challenging for me thus far.

You need a lot of counter space and time. I did have a hard time decorating the bottom part of the ball on the bigger cake. Bamboo skewers were used to hold the head on the rest of the body and dum dum lollipops were used to make the antennas.

This cake was a lot of fun to make even though it required quite a few hours. I really think it was a hit at birthday party and I hope Hunter enjoyed it.