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Coolest Baby Mickey Mouse Cake

This was for a dear friend of mine, a Tres Leches Baby Mickey Mouse cake. The cake was a marble cake and the Tres Leches mixture is a combination of condensed, evaporated and heavy cream mixed with vanilla and rum. When the cake is cool, it is bathed and smothered with the milk mixture. Traditionally it is simply covered in chantilly and fruit, but for the occasion I ordered a sugar sheet from a lady on Etsy. I absolutely loved the image I bought from her.

I placed the sheet and from there I let my imagination flow. I cut fondant stars and strips to place as a border for the sheet. Then I cut fondant circles with the round part of a tip. I cut different colors to add variety to the cake and placed them all around the border and on top of the cake. I was extremely satisfied with how the cake came out and my friend loved it!!

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