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Cute Homemade Baby Rattle Cake

I made this cake for a baby shower a few months ago. This was a French vanilla cake with butter cream icing. I started by rolling some fondant into a cylinder shape for the handle, I made this two weeks in advance so that it would be good and hard. I also dyed some of the fondant blue and made two loops for the bow at the same time the take a few days to dry.

I baked two cakes using a medium size glass bowl and two cakes using a small size bowl. I stacked the medium cake halves together to form a ball shape then iced the cakes. Then did the same thing to the small cake halves. Then I covered both cakes with fondant. I then inserted the dowel I made from fondant into the medium ball the adjusted the small ball so that I could insert the dowel into it.

After that I took the blue fondant and cut some polka dots then stuck them onto the cake. To make the bow I cut a small strip of blue fondant and wrapped around the two ends of the loops to form the bow, the two more strips to dangle from the bow.

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