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Coolest Baby’s Bottom Shower Cake

I was asked to make a baby shower cake but they didn’t know what they wanted, so I thought it would be cool to make a baby’s bottom cake. I wanted to be a bit different, everyone always does a baby’s bum with a nappy on, I decided to be a bit cheeky and make a naked little bottom with a blanket on chubby little legs and cute feet.

I made 3 cakes, then stacked them and cut the whole thing into a dome shape. The hardest part was to make the feet, I wanted them to look realistic, so I let the icing dry out a bit so it would have little creases in it like babies feet do, then covered the dome added the legs and feet.

At the baby shower party no one would cut the cake because they thought it was so cute, so they kept it for 2 weeks and just kept showing everybody it. Now everybody wants a naked baby bum cake.