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Coolest Baby Shoe Cake

I started this Homemade Baby Shoe Cake by making the shoes with flower paste. This dries really hard. These were the left to dry out. Then I baked a 10″ and a 8″ Madeira cake and set aside to cool for a day. I needed a 14″ cake drum and a 8″ thin cake board, 3 plastic dowels to be cut down to support the cake when assembled and some pink florest ribbon. And a few feathers for decoration in the shoes.

When the cakes were cold I slice them twice to add buttercream and jam inside then assembled the cake back together and crumb coated and placed in the fridge to set. I did this with both the cakes. I did this with the cake on the cake boards.

Then I rolled out enough roll out icing to cover the cakes. When the cakes were covered I assembled the two together. I pushed one of the dowel rods into the centre of the larger cake to measure for size and then cut it down. I cut down a further 4 dowels and pushed them into the bottom cake for support. Then I piped some royal icing around where the dowels were to form an addhesive to attach the other cake so it wouldn’t slip. I then placed the smaller cake on top.

I then iced around the bottom of both cakes and around the top of the top cake with white royal icing. I then coloured some roll out icing in a salmon pink to match to shoes I had made and started to cut them out using the cutters I had purchased off the net. I cut three different sized petals out and attached them to each other with a little water and pushed down in the centre of the flowers with the back of a paint brush. Some of the flowers I did single.

I started to attach these to the cake using a blob of royal icing. I then attached the shoes on the top of the cake placing some feathers inside them for show and attached some ribbon too.

Then I attached the ribbon around the two cakes to finish off. I cut out my granddaughter’s name.

Homemade Baby Shoe Cake

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