I first baked my cakes, two 13″ and two 8″. I then froze them and next day cut them so they fit nicely and neatly on top of each other. I filled both with icing and layered them on top of each other.

I then kneaded the fondant with a few drops of yellow icing gel to create a pale yellow colour. I then iced the two cakes (the two 8″ layered, and the two 13″ layered). Rolled my fondant to fit each cake, placed it on and smoothed it out! It was a little difficult as it was very hot out so the fondant was sticky to work with.

To make it a little easier, use powdered sugar to roll out and work with fondant! I made the little babies ahead of time out of fondant. Everything is out of fondant. I rolled the little balls, cut out the stars and moon and letters with fondant and placed everything together.

It was a hit but I was a little disappointed in it just because of the heat! It started to sag but never the less, I still am very proud of my efforts!