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Cool Homemade Baby Shower Cake Idea

I volunteered to make my sister in law a Baby Shower Cake. It was my first experience making a cake for someone other than my children. I took the challenge to heart and looked at many a Baby Shower Cake Idea online, used a few ideas from others to come up with this one.

It is a basic vanilla cake on the bottom and chocolate on the top filled with buttercream. Pans used were 10in and 8in. Covered and decorated with store bought fondant. For the topper I made fondant stars and attached them to floral wire. It was my first time making a bow and sculpting.

The baby was so much fun to make! I got a little carried away and made a pacifier and he’s also wearing a little diaper. The blanket was also removable. It was a really fun cake to make. I can’t wait for someone to ask me to do another!

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