Coolest Baby Shower Teddy Bear Cake

A family friend of ours was having a surprise baby shower thrown for her, and I was asked to bake and decorate a cake that would be suitable for such an event.

I went out and bought a teddy bear cake pan at my local craft store; that cost me approximately $15. The bottom of the cake is a 9×13 sheet cake.

After baking both of the cakes, I placed them in the freezer overnight so as to make the crumb coating and decorating that much easier for myself. The sheet cake was covered in a layer of fondant and then decorated to resemble a baby blanket. I used edible paints (rose, petal pink and opal white) to paint the design on the ‘blanket’ and then sprinkled some edible iridescent powder over the wet paint to give it a little extra shimmer.

I then placed the bear cake on top of the ‘blanket’ and proceed to decorate the bear using a medium sized star tip. Given that I had more time to decorate the cake, I would have preferred to use a much smaller star tip in order to achieve a more uniformed look. The diaper of the bear was also painted in the edible pants and I sprinkled some edible purple and pink glitter on the bear as well.

Not including the prep/baking/freezer time, decorating this Baby Shower Teddy Bear Cake took me approximately 2 hours. If had used the smaller tip star, I would have guessed at least another hour in decorating.

Hope this idea helps you create your own work of art for everyone to enjoy. Good luck!!