Coolest Baby Tigger Cake

I made this baby Tigger cake for my friend’s baby shower hence it being baby Tigger! It’s white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache and chocolate sprinkles on the sides. The top is orange colored fondant with four different colored icings.

First I chose an image with the easiest shape to cut out, enlarged it 140% onto A3 paper then cut it out to use as a template.

I made double the cake mix and baked into a large tin, once cooled I secured image to cake with skewers and cut out the shape. I then iced on the ganache, added sprinkles and only covered the top with orange fondant.

The next bit is tricky, I traced a mirror image onto tracing paper (use a window) in heavy non toxic pencil. I then rubbed the traced image onto the fondant and voila! The image is transferred.

Next part is basically mixing up your colors and piping them on. I used black icing to trace the lines then filled in with chocolate icing, yellow icing and pink. Disposable piping bags are the best if you can get them.

The cake was a hit! She loved it and the cake inside was yummy, my friends were impressed too!

Homemade Baby Tigger Cake

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