Coolest Backpack Cake

This backpack cake was made for a co-worker of my dad’s who was going backpacking across Canada. It’s a 1 layer 9×13 yellow cake.

I found a picture on the web of Backpack from Dora the Explorer and used it as my inspiration. I cut the cake into a backpack shape, iced it with a thin layer of buttercream and covered it with fondant. (The color is juniper green with a little brown.) The top flap is fondant and the buckle is candy clay (see Wilton website for recipe) tinted grey. The Canada flag patch is a piece of fondant colored with red edible marker and outlined in red buttercream.

I made pepperoni out of fondant (he worked at a meat packing plant) and wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed this in a fondant “pocket” on the side. On the other side is a map of Canada.

I added buttercream writing and buttercream seams along the top flap and around the pockets.

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