Coolest Backyardigan Third Birthday Cake

This Backyardigan Third Birthday Cake was the first cake I was going to be decorating in our motorhome so I was hesitant about being too intricate. I found the Backyardigan toppers on the internet (Amazon) and decided to take it easy with with new Duff fondants at Michaels – which were fabulous.

I baked three 9″ round cakes and cut one of cakes in half. I stacked the two full cakes on bottom and two cake halves on one side of the top (making a stage type area). I filled and covered with a nice thick buttercream.

Duff’s fondants come in these great wild colors that were perfect for the Backyardigans. I zapped the fondant in the microwave, rolled it out and covered the whole cake easily in a very small work area. Cut out the stars with graduated star fondant cutters and letters (also all at Michaels) and stuck them on with water.

This was only my third fondant cake and this fondant worked MUCH better than other packages I have tried. I highly recommend it – I also thought it tasted better. I have looked for awhile for some simple and easy character fondant cakes. I thought this fit the bill and might help other people just starting out like me. I am TERRIBLE with molding fondant into a recognizable character so buying the little guys as a starting point helped me out.

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