Coolest Bacon and Eggs Cake

My son is mad about bacon, which is an interesting obsession for a nice Jewish boy. Anyhow, he wanted a cake with bacon and eggs. I always make the kids cakes, and usually let them have a say in what they look like, but I only ever work with icing. And I couldn’t figure out how to make bacon out of icing. I\’ve never used fondant before, but thought I\’d give it a go as it was the only way I found to make bacon. Turned out marshmallow fondant is quick and easy to make and as easy to work with as playdough! The handle is pure fondant. The rest of the frying pan is just a double-layer cake iced with silver icing. The eggs were simple to mould from fondant. The bacon took some experimenting, mixing cocoa-coloured fondant with white and pink until I got the right look, but the whole cake was a huge hit with my son. Thank goodness he\’s not friends with the rabbi\’s son!

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